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    • Apr21

      Summary of the Q&A

      Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Q&A yesterday!

      As promised, here is the text summary and audio recordings of the interveiw (video versions will be available soon as well)

      I hope this has answered many of your questions.  If you didn't get your question answered this time around, there will be more opportunities.  

      Thanks for playing,


    • Apr20

      Q&A Today

      Greetings players!

      First I'd like to apologize for being absent for a few days, some little troll let the magic smoke out of my counting box and it ceased to function.  It took a few days, but it has been repaired and i am back at your service.  Let's hope it never happens again ;)

      Now on to the show you've all been waiting for.  

      The Q&A will be livestreamed on two channels (linked below.)  Tomino and Raiben will be hosting the channels, they will also record the show to release on youtube for those unable to attend.  The stream is starting a bit later than we had originally planned, but this is to accomodate Schema's schedule, as he will be joining us for this livestream.

      Streams starts at 6pm EST (11pm GMT) and the Q&A starts at 7pm EST (12pm GMT)

      Thank you all for the great questions you have submitted.  We look forward to seeing you at the stream this evening.

    • Apr7

      Starmade Q&A

      Greetings players!

      We will be holding another Q&A session in two weeks (Sunday, April 20th.)
      Details about the precise time and place will be posted as they are finalized.

      You are encouraged to add your inquiries as comments at this link,
      Dev Q&A
      The questions will then be compiled into a list and discussed by the Dev's during the interview. Also during this stream we will show you some more of the progress Starmade has been making and discuss some of the soon to come content.

      If you missed the last Q&A you may follow these links to access them in the following formats;​​
      Continuous video
      Segmented video
      Thanks for playing,
    • Apr4

      Welcome to the new

      Welcome! You are now looking at the brand new StarMade site. We have worked extremely hard over the past several months to build a site that speaks to our users, and looks awesome while doing it!
      There are still some small bugs that we're working out over the next few weeks, so please bare with us while we knock those out.
      The forums have been moved to the StarMade Dock, which can be accessed by clicking on the 'Forums' link in the main menu.
      All user logins now occur through the Registry. The Registry is such a big part of the way StarMade will operate in the future, that I'm going to dedicate an entire news post to it after we get things more stable. If you have any comments or questions, drop on by the Dock and start a thread in the Support forum. From all of us on the StarMade team, thanks for continuing to support us while we continue building StarMade. Sincerely, Miles 'wedtm' Smith
    • Apr4

      Test News Post

      This is a test news post.