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    About Us

    Team Schine

    StarMade is hand-crafted by a rag-tag team of nerds who span the globe, collectively known as Schine. We work entirely remotely from each other, and we all wear many hats (some at the same time).

    • Robin 'Schema' Promesberger
      Robin 'Schema' Promesberger
      Lead Developer
    • Tai 'DukeofRealms' Coromandel
      Tai 'DukeofRealms' Coromandel
      General Manager
    • Tom 'kupu' Berridge
      Tom 'kupu' Berridge
      2D Art Director
    • Andy Püttmann
      Andy Püttmann
      Customer Experience Manager
    • Michael 'bench' Debevec
      Michael 'bench' Debevec
      Creative Director
    • Jay 'Saber' Gaskell
      Jay 'Saber' Gaskell
      3D Art Director
    • Brent 'lancake' Van Hoecke
      Brent 'lancake' Van Hoecke
      Test Lead
    • Eric 'criss' Hobson
      Eric 'criss' Hobson
      Social Media
    • Terra 'calani' Rain
      Terra 'calani' Rain
      Web Developer
    • Daniel 'dank' Tusjak
      Daniel 'dank' Tusjak
    • Jordan 'auburn' Peck
      Jordan 'auburn' Peck
      Game Developer
    • Sean 'nightrune' Sill
      Sean 'nightrune' Sill
      Game Developer