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    FixBuild 0.201.374

    • Fixed cargo permissions not loading correctly

    FixBuild 0.201.373

    • Fixed issue for beams that would apply shield effect to damage even if shield is down
    • Fixed several crashes
    • Added new stabilizer bonus version (currently inactive in blockbehavior) that makes bonus depend on angle between stabilizers instead of dimensions

    Hotfix 0.201.370:

    • Fixed loading issue that would not let some machines connect to the local server
      (more fixes coming soon)

    Hotfix 0.201.364: 

    • Logic toggle trigger to activate beams didn't work correctly and timed out on
    • Factory on/off switch didn't synch (and several other similar issues)
    • Astronaut not mining ore/shards on first beam hit

    Hello players,

    here is a small feature and fix update. There will be several of those along the universe update roadmap. Durking the update, we'll be working ~1 week per month on fixes and small features (especially for the rule system), while spending the rest of the time on the universe update.

    Universe update Roadmap News: On the universe update, we are currently in the middle of GUI scaling, and close to starting to implement the sound system.

    This update features a lot of new conditions and actions. The system now supports rules of different types, depending on the target (players, factions, sectors, etc). Actions are transferable to other entities: e.g. if condition on a ship is true, you can execute a player action for all players on that ship.

    Here is the full changelog:


    • added minimize button to advanced build mode panels on the right

    Rule System

    • Player Mod Faction Points
    • Player Set Faction Points
    • Entity Mod Faction Points
    • Entity Set Faction Points
    • DateTime fixes
    • Entity Weekly duration
    • FactionRules
    • FactionIsInRange
    • FactionAddFP
    • FactionSetFP  
    • FactionHasMemberCount
    • FactionHasFpCount
    • Action Bridges
    • Entity -> Sector / Player / Faction
    • Sector -> Entities / Players / Factions
    • Player -> Sector / entered Entity / Faction
    • Faction -> Players
    • 'Entity system claimed by' condition
    • player warp to sector action
    • player set credits action
    • player mod credits action
    • player kick action
    • player ban action
    • player in sector cond
    • player say cond (regexp)
    • player send message action
    • player last joined condition  
    • player kick out of ship action
    • player kill action
    • segment controller in sector range condition
    • all faction condition parameters now range
    • sector chmod condition
    • sector range condition
    • sector contains entity count condition
    • sector chmod action
    • sector admin command action
    • Added inverse conditions (condition group feature)
    • recurring actions
    • player: add credits over time
    • player: add blocks
    • player: add blocks over time


    • fixed missing integrity triggers
    • fixed beams not active on server when using logic to toggle them (logic salvage beam not working)
    • fixed linear reactor level calcs
    • fixed activatable modules not synching correctly (cloak drive)
    • fixed torch damaging stick shops
    • fixed error that would respawn Asteroids over and over if they were moved



    • blockBehaviorConfig now has global defense of blocks based on type (shield, armor, block) additionally to the previous individual block effect defense (which would be a mess to adjust)
      Note: it's now possible to set defense value for all block types depending on if it's armor, normal or shield that is hit. The defense value is put against the offense value of the weapon. This now enables a balance where some weapons can be better/worse against shield/armor/normal
    • beams now use calculated armor values for damage reduction
      Note: Beams now do damage calculations in a similat way as cannons in that the armor depth is calculated upon hitting a surface. The damage of the beam is reduced depending on armor thickness. Values have been added to config.
    • General Balance Note: The current config values for the new balance additions are currently experimental and in no way final


    Thank you for playing StarMade,

    - The schine team