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    Greetings Citizens, ~

    We just uploaded a new release to fix some bugs of the previous release, as well as some older bugs:

    T2513: Old exploit fixed

    T2510: OSX OpenGL crash

    T2507: Connections and statistics not showing correctly - client issue that was always there, but became a lot more common because of the improved speed with chunk requesting.

    T2500: Sorting in Main Menu Local Play Adv. Settings is by tooltip

    T2498: Unable to lock symmetry plane in place with empty hotbar slot

    T2495: false positive for “is waiting for docks” | “still needs entities to dock on it”

    ~ Fix for infinite stock shops

    Additionally a new “context help” has been added, replacing the old help keyboard list. it’s a lot less in the way and hides/shows information when needed:


    You can deactivate these “Keyboard HUD Icons” in the options menu - general.

    Onwards to implementing the power system prototype (which has been worked on already for the past weeks).

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    ~ the Schine Team