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    Hello players,

    We have another bugfixing update while bigger features are in work.

    Fixes contain a lot of things that have been a pain for some time, but there is also a new item: the flashlight. You can buy it from the shop clerk.

    Spawn on ships

    Another feature is also the functionality that you can now spawn on moving ships. Even if the ship is moved after you logged out, and then in a sector that is currently not loaded, you will still spawn on your ship. This will work as long as you are in any way aligned to the ship while logging out: Pilot, in gravity, or simple spacebar alignment.

    This currently is limited to spawn after logout, but mechanics will come for respawning on ships after death. There still have to be some gameplay aspects discussed, as you wouldn't want a player to spawn on a ship you just stole.

    Ship Scores

    Another larger feature which is still in the making is ship score.

    This is basically a way to automatically classify ships.

    Ship scores are aggregated from multiple simpler scores.

    As for example weapons generate scores from:

    • damage per second

    • hit probability (projectile speed, reload, spread)

    • distance

    • power consumption

    These scores are then aggregated with the power score, and other scores to generate 4 main scores:

    • Offensive Score

    • Defensive Score

    • Mobility Score

    • Support Score

    Since it's fairly obvious that these values have to be balanced, the main scoring process has been externalized to a LUA script to change it on the fly.

    After a few iterations of initial balance not only will they make it easier to classify ships in the blueprint/website, we can also then use the scores to determine pirate spawning by difficulty, and adapt it depending on how powerful the combined scores of the players in an area are, which should lead to a lot better scaling difficulty and therefore more fun.

    Exploit Fixes and Optimizations

    There also have been lots of small optimizations in various parts of the game. For example, framerates on very large structures should go up a bit when higher max-segments are set in the options.

    There also have been some fixes to exploitations of game mechanics like the shield drain/supply being overpowered. Also cloaking/jamming now has a reload sequence when switched off.


    The block behavior config received some minor changes:

    • Power consumption per second was changed to power consumption per tick, all related values were changed accordingly.

    • EMP power damage was doubled, the power damage dealt to a ship is 2 times higher than the power consumed to fire that weapon.

    • Shield drain, supply and power drain received some value changes, it should be balanced:
      Shield drain has the same shield DPS and power use as any other basic weapon but it gives you 50% of the drained HP.
      Shield supply is set to power supply levels, its power consumption is 10 times lower though since a supply transfers 100% of your own shield.
      Power drain, drains 50% less power than an equal EMP weapon but you gain 50% of the drained power.

    • Shield drain and supply now allow supports.


    Here is the list of all fixed bugs:

    1. T452 planet plate alignment odd when astronaut logout restart on planet surface

    2. T444 Turrets shoot at targets out of range in "Selected Target" mode

    3. T439 Blocks/items in crafting slots aren't deleted on death when inventory drop on death is enabled.

    4. T424 Kicking someone out of the core with torch let Navigation Point disappear

    5. T422 Block information not wrapping lines like shops do

    6. T421 Missiles do once again damage mother entities (turret base and motherships)

    7. T417 Moving stations as admin by using /change_sector or /change_sector_for breaks territory claims

    8. T416 Entity flag editing

    9. T414 Loot is not generated when the entity is destroyed by an AI/Turret

    10. T412 Logic blocks with multiple inputs loose connections when pasted using the copy/paste feature

    11. T407 windowPositionAndSizeConfig.tag sporadically corrupts.

    12. T406 Attempting to place a block with nothing in slot will crash the game.

    13. T405 Check if the player has a ship-core in the inventory is performed after the player is requested to enter the new ship's name.

    14. T401 Pressing Left ctrl and left alt will drop the framerate to 10

    15. T400 Warpgate faction issue

    16. T397 AI ships can not use anti missile turrets

    17. T396 Pirate AI does not work

    18. T395 Missiles ignore shield sharing

    19. T393 damage numbers don't show correctly for cannons, missiles and damage pulse

    20. T391 Client logs show confidential information

    21. T389 docked warheads don't explode on contact

    22. T377 Failing Alignment after exiting docked entity

    23. T374 faction inheriting mechanics override faction ID's

    24. T366 Option for Personal faction enemy broken

    25. T355 ship and armor HP is capped

    26. T343 entering occupied build block causes several issues

    27. T331 Redo/undo doesn't work correctly with Replace

    28. T326 Astronaut mining bonus notice doesn't show correct bonus

    29. T313 JVM Crash detected: incorrect dialog

    30. T312 ship speed while being pulled into a wormhole can be limited by pressing a movement key

    31. T310 Network data too large: priceUpdateBuffer, controllerKeyNameBuffer and controllerKeyBuffer

    32. T278 Leaving a C aligned ship causes issues with searching a safe exit position

    33. T238 Display Module text; shadow effect makes writing non-legible

    34. T233 Chat kick and ban options

    35. T225 radarjammer pirate exploit

    36. T222 Can reset cool down of long cool down weapon systems

    37. T215 Players on docked rail entities are left behind during sector changes or jumps

    38. T203 Typo in /sector_chmod help

    39. T173 Completely mined asteroids not properly saved / respawn of half mined asteroids

    40. T166 Block list not working on Blueprint Catalog

    41. T165 Trading Guild Resupply Convoys will resupply player-owned shops.

    42. T148 Wrong warning when kicking Player from Faction

    43. T136 Turret AI does not always follow its setting

    44. T100 shield supply/drain beams are invisible

    45. T89 Item Duplication Using Asteroid Respawn

    46. T79 map filter shows text for turned off filters

    47. T44 Rail enhancers consume power but running out of power does not change anything

    48. T39 several menus allow background interaction

    49. T37 abandoned stations don't have decaying turrets

    50. T34 Phantom weapon and effect computers

    51. T32 admin command mistakes: /sector_info /ship_info /last_changed

    52. T24 Godmode does not transfer through rail docks

    53. T14 mouse sensitivity sync

    54. T6 shield damage applied by shield sharing is multiplied per chain

    I’m currently a little ill, but I’ll do my best that for the next update, the shipyard mechanics will probably be done, as well as more portions of the fauna.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    • schema and the Schine Team