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    Hello players,


    EDIT: Hotfix 0.189997: fixed sector claims sometimes not working, as well as removed a library that is flagged by some antivirus softwares (it was an IRC lib I was planning to use for the new chat system. It wasn't used at all in the version, anyway)

    this version is mostly for fixes to the current version. It got a little delayed to figure out the various graphical glitches a lot of ATI users have. Some shader fixes have been done to fix some drawing problems, but there is now also a draw option disabled for ATI users, which can be re-enabled in the in-game options (named 'MultiDraw' in the graphics settings) for machines where the gamed worked before,a s it saves some OpenGL call overhead.

    Also, some problems are due to some ATI drivers and can be solved by switching on Framebuffer in the advanced options.

    Furthermore the price setting for personal shops have been re-enabled and can be done by shop owners in the main shop menu.

    There are also some updates to balance:

    We changed a few things on punch through and piercing effect blocks again. After some more testing we noticed a bug. You would always deal 2 times more damage than we intended.
    The listed damage would apply more total hull damage than the listed number.

    Example: a 10 000 damage listed weapon would on punch through do: 10,000 -> 5,000 -> 2,500 -> 1,250 -> 625 -> ...
    If you make the sum of that, you get near 20,000 damage which is not what we want.

    This has now been fixed, that means these 2 effects will deal 50% times less damage (still a whole lot better than not using any hull effect).
    We also noticed that piercing effect, even though it does double block damage and has an armor efficiency bonus, it was slightly less effective against non-armored blocks than a double sized punch through array.
    Because of that, the damage loss on the next block is less than punch through now. Piercing will go around 2-3 blocks deeper, providing you have the damage of course.
    We hope that this is now enough to justify the 100% shield damage debuff.

    Thanks for playing StarMade,

    - schema and the Schine Team