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    Greetings citizens,


    We have an update on the power update as well as an exciting announcement for you.


    What are we working on right now?


    One new thing is that in our internal builds fleets are now saving orders on logout and server start and restart. You can expect fleets to save orders in future dev builds. As previously mentioned, we have been constructing a comprehensive power document to share with the community. It is now being finalized along with a video to give an easily digestible overview of the entire proposal. These will be released simultaneously later this week.


    Be sure to check our last news post [prev dev blog] for more specifics, since we are still discussing those internally.


    New developer joining the team


    For the past two and a half months we've been getting a new game developer familiarised with the code and how we work. Some of you will already be acquainted with him as an active community member, welcome to @nightrune (Sean Sill)!


    Thanks for playing StarMade,


    ~ The Schine Team