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    Greetings citizens, ~


    Unfortunately, some of us caught the winter flu, and we are just now fully recovering. We weren’t able to do as much as we wanted but it’s nothing more than a small delay to our schedule. We’ll simply move what we wanted to do to the next cycle now that we’re back up and running.


    Luckily not all of us fell ill and for the last 2 weeks, Kupu kept himself busy refining the texture pack so that we could have an update nonetheless.

    Texture fixes/adjustments

    ~ Texture coordinate fixes (rotation fixes): All blocks should now be correct.
    ~ CPU Top Faces: are now all the same and correctly orientated.
    ~ Overdrive + Pierce modules: Assignments fixed to display unique textures for each. Texture colour difference increased to help differentiate.
    ~ Gravity Module: Sides point to the right direction.

    ~ Activation Gate: Fixed non mirroring wires on the unique face.

    ~ Gold / Silver / Bronze bars: Reinstated after mistaken removal.

    ~ Pick up point: Alignment (partial fix - rotation when activated doesn't work with non symmetrical texture. requires minor redesign).

    ~ Red force fields: A little less glowy.

    ~ Thruster: Heat haze / wobble removed from the thruster ring. (Based on community feedback).

    ~ Blast Door: Reduced damage on texture, altered contrast and saturation. (Based on community feedback).

    ~ Build Block: Reduced damage and worn look on texture. (Based on community feedback).


    ~ Bloom: Slightly more performant.

    ~ Lens flare (Bloom mode): Changed so the sprites don't distort to screen resolution ratio + Improved sprites.

    ~ Lens dirt: New, improved lens dirt texture (subtle), the texture should no longer multiply sun brightness (as much).

    ~ Pixel Pack: Now updated for new layouts (possibly not 100% bug free)

    To report more texture related bugs we may have missed, feel free to post it in Kupu’s thread:


    Other Fixes

    ~ T2125 Sensor does not compare right values for Thrust (now uses max ship speed

    ~ T2128 Armor HP bonus adds extra structure HP damage

    ~ horizontal divider in trade menu fixed

    ~ fix for a rare issue involving diplomacy messages (could crash server)

    ~ dynamic prices also work now for (raw) ores and (raw) shards

    There is now also an additional modifier for dynamic prices that increases the price of a block’s basic resources, that way the more complicated blocks will end up a bit more expensive to promote trading a bit.
    Set it to 1.0 to keep previous dynamic prices:



    thank you for playing StarMade,


    ~ The Schine Team