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    Greetings Citizens,


    This is our first "release candidate", which contains what we've worked on since the last official release. A release candidate is a version made available to the public for testing. The intention of a release candidate is to switch it to our full release branch if no significant bugs are found. Release candidates give the public a chance to play (test) the version before it becomes a full release, helping us prevent major issues cropping up in our release branch. If you're interested in helping out, take a look at the changes we've made in this news post and check the features or bug fixes that interest you. This is part of our release cycle changes, mentioned in our previous news post, if you haven’t read that already, make sure to do so:


    If you come across any additions that don't work or you believe you’ve located a new bug, report that here: Report a Bug (Release Candidate)


    If you find that a bug listed as being fixed here is not fixed (in this pre-release version), please click on the link listed for that bug and comment that the bug is not fixed, listing the pre-release version.


    We'll make sure to classify new issues properly and fix any major bugs before releasing.


    To install this release candidate, switch to Pre in your build type.


    New (Steam) launcher: Build Type > Pre, make sure to set build version to the latest and then update.



    Old (java) launcher: Options > Installation Settings > Build Branch > PRE > OK





    Please note: Release Candidates are versions which we believe to be ready for full release. However, they have not been widely tested, and therefore may still have significant issues. We encourage everyone to try out release candidates, however, please make sure to backup your content beforehand!


    This is a period that would last as long as needed; we can fix what comes up while we’re already working on the next update. If all goes well, this would only last a week at most, and we can release a version for everyone to be used soon after, knowing that it was thoroughly tested and the chance of encountering a game breaking issue would be minimal.


    In some way you’ve already been doing that with every release, the difference here is that the version isn’t running on every server out there.


    We focused on bug fixing this update although a few additional features did get introduced because of that.


    Optimizations and New Features resulting from bug fixing:

    ~ Considerable improvement of network load sending logic activations, and improving overall performance of logic

    ~ Optimization of display blocks, making their drawing speed multiple times faster

    ~ Fleet Commands now include cloaking and jamming

    ~ Bobby AI can now be activated via logic

    ~ GameConfig can now include size restrictions on ships and stations to add more customization for servers. This also includes blueprint spawning.


    Everything listed below is an attempt at fixing the issue, which means some of them may not have succeeded. Unfortunately, we are not able to give any details about the countless exploits we’ve fixed as they would give clues for any other remaining exploits we might not know of. An exploit could also reappear several months later, which is why we would not like to share any details about them.

    Note, we’ve attempted to fix every exploit known to us so in case you’re still aware of one that is working for you in this version, please inform us about it.


    Here’s the full list of all the tasks we’ve worked on:


    (most likely fixed)


    ~ T2139 (Private): Power and shield drain issue

    ~ T2138 (Private): Player max build area not working properly

    ~ T1969 (Private): Performance issues with logic

    ~ T1931 (Private): Shop module crash

    ~ T1828 (Private): Jumpdrive/inhibitor charge issue

    ~ T1823 (Private): Bounding box issue

    ~ T1627 (Private): Performance issues with logic

    ~ T1570 (Private): Ion issue

    ~ T1558 (Private): Crash when enabling shadows

    ~ T1299 (Private): Rail logic switching issue

    ~ T1145 (Private): Derelict stations issue

    ~ T1050 (Private): Docking issue

    ~ T1023 (Private): System claiming issue

    ~ T941 (Private): Docking issue

    ~ T840 (Private): Asteroid respawning issue

    ~ T823 (Private): Ion issue

    ~ T659 (Private): Logic issue

    ~ T654 (Private): Warhead issue

    ~ T643 (Private): C+V linking issue

    ~ T512 (Private): Design issue


    ~ T2289: Make Bobby AI activation logic controllable

    ~ T2273: Adjust starter equipment for the new block selection method

    ~ T2270: Server deadlock, unknown cause

    ~ T2267: Server crash related to physics, and meta objects

    ~ T2252: Registry has a max password length of 128 characters but not stated anywhere

    ~ T2246: Torch cannot destroy faction module

    ~ T2181: Nullpointer with processErrorDialogException

    ~ T2140: Display module performance issues

    ~ T2100: Sell available and price updates at the wrong time

    ~ T2009: Derelict stations get false positive removal for “ship only blocks”

    ~ T2004: Crash when attempting to access online play without internet connection

    ~ T1995: Importing sector fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

    ~ T1980: Cargo spaces can be reused by multiple storages

    ~ T1957: C+V Rail detection doesn’t send false signals

    ~ T1776: Converted blueprints have undocked entities as response fleet

    ~ T1678: Uplink doesn’t save for OSX

    ~ T1639: Nullpointer with joystick connected

    ~ T1616: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with missiles or effects

    ~ T1525: ffmpeg causing crash for OSX

    ~ T1510: Nullpointer in character file

    ~ T1466: Frame buffer capabilities not detected for OSX

    ~ T1465: Nullpointer with projectiles, causing invisible beams

    ~ T1422: NaN illegal comparison with shootout rail

    ~ T1384: Nullpointer when charging shields

    ~ T1337: Wedge blast door texture reversed

    ~ T1318: Spawning ships with same names as formerly existing one may lack docked entities

    ~ T1257: Incomplete build mode undo/redo

    ~ T990: Rolling not working properly

    ~ T524: Weapons hitting deeper inside your ship

    ~ T428: Not staying attached to ship when logging out

    ~ T355: AHP and SHP is capped

    ~ T325: Asteroids can spawn in solid entities

    ~ T252: Startup crash with custom Windows theme

    ~ T25: C+V Linking memory leak


    (partially fixed so far)


    ~ T1963 (Private): Missile and AI targeting issue

    ~ T1851 (Private): Transporters and grapple beam issue

    ~ T1602 (Private): Linking update issue

    ~ T1575 (Private): Undo issue

    ~ T1227 (Private): Collision issue

    ~ T1080 (Private): Faction protection removal issue

    ~ T895 (Private): Faction rank permission issue


    ~ T2291: Autofill “ingame player name” from launcher

    ~ T2278: Cannot dock here

    ~ T2150: Radar jammer and cloak stay active on exiting core for fleet ships

    ~ T2118: Add dimensional limits to game config

    ~ T2101: Rail detection with rotators and set rotation broken

    ~ T2044: /despawn command with fleet entities fails

    ~ T1664: Loading sector causes mass timeouts with colliding asteroids

    ~ T1553: Error handling for version mismatch and missing uplink insufficient

    ~ T1282: Creative mode  doesn’t allow dropping specific block quantities

    ~ T1004: New unchanged stations turn into red hull blocks

    ~ T684: Shop permission resets when server restarts


    Areas to focus on:

    ~ Faction signature inheritance and protection

    ~ Building including all advanced build mode tools

    ~ Logic

    ~ Rails

    ~ Weapons and their offensive/defensive effects

    ~ Shipyards and cargo

    ~ Shops


    As always, thank you for playing StarMade

    ~ The Schine Team