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    Setting up a dedicated server is not hard. To begin, make sure you use the following command to get setup:

    cd /path/to/starmade/

    Step 1: Download and execute the updater

    To run the updater without GUI, you have to use the -nogui argument:

    java -jar ./StarMade-Starter.jar -nogui

    This command is also used to automatically check for and install an update

    2: Make run script executable

    To do this, use the chmod command:

    chmod ug+x ./

    Step 3: Run the dedicated server

    Use the following command to start the server.

    Step 4: Use screen to run the game in a detached session

    If you start the game like mentioned above, it will automatically end, when you close your ssh session with your server

    if you run ubuntu, you can install screen like this:

    sudo apt-get install screen

    then you can just use the following command to start the game in a detached session:

    screen -A -m -d ./

    The program StarMode (Started from the Client Startup GUI) can be used to administrate StarMade servers without having to start the full game.

    The server must be restarted for changes to take effect.

    New parameters from updates will be added with the first start of the server in a new version.

    Shut down the server, delete the ./StarMade/server-database/ directory, and start the server again.